1. How has your role as an educator evolved over the years you’ve been in the classroom Since Year 2000 ?

ans1:-. it was great because everytime we get new listernes, new environment , different schools and some time same schools beyond this we do face to no face session with most of the students and tries to know their problems and give best solution measuring their potential with psychometric test, questionnaire and different activities where we tries to take 360 degree views of the peer group etc.

2. What have you learned about your students from different classrooms?

ans2:- i have learned all students are different in their approach and requires different as well as specific attention. we organised test to analyst them and make them speak, write, take part in different activities. Sometimes we use projector, sometime fun activities, now in Pandemic this year we used to conduct online sessions  with Digitally Driven technology suport the help of Google Form, Typeform, ZOOM App, Mentimeter,com, Padlet, Kahoot.com, Microsoft team, Google Team, etc.where we can do different way to specifically get in touch with the students.

   beside this we follow ARCS – Attention, Relevance, Confidence and Satisfaction, VARK – Visual,Aural, Read / Write and Kinesthetic approach, 

  we learned that like all five fingers of a hand is not same similarly every student requires separate and specific solution based on the analysis and test results.

3. What innovative methods have you introduced in our organisation so far?





           5. PSYCHOMETRIC TEST 


           7. QUIZ

           8. DEBATE

           9. EXTEMPORE SPEECH

          10. DUMB CHARADES.

          11.GROUP DISCUSSION.

          12.This year from mide of march due to Pandemic we organized online sessions Digitally Driven technology support the help of Google Form, Typeform, Google Meet, ZOOM App, Mentimeter,com, Padlet, Kahoot.com, Microsoft team,  etc.where we can do different way to specifically get in touch with the students. 

4. Why have you chosen to remain in the education sector rather than working in another field?

ans4:- it was started by my Mom Mrs. Rupali Baruah Das in 1990, she was the First lady career Counsellor from North East India and in the year 2000 , we had form our organization and now its 2020 almost 30 years form my Mom and 20 years for me. who continuously working in this field in all 4 seasons and having different branches in different parts of Assam.

    we have many websites :-

    1. www.careernewsz.com – for Career Counselling

    2. www.directadmissionandloan.com – for Career counselling along with Educational loan assistance for finanacial background students.

    3. www.indianoverseas.in – for abroad students

    4. www.kef360.com – for career counselling with online psychometric test 

    5. www.iipa.in.net – for our own online courses.

    6. www.supercounsellors.com – for online counselling to educational related people.

7. www.aig.institute.org.in – for Graphology Institute

8. www.iipalawtutorial.institute.org.in – for Law Coaching.

9. www.iiopa.institute.org.in – for International Institute of Performing Arts.

10. www.kef.institute.org.in – for Kulendra Das Educational Foundation.

11.www.indialawtimes.in – for Law News and Articles.

12. www.northeastassam24.com – for North East Assam News.

13. www.manishdas.com – informative site about Advocate Manish Das.

14. www.rupalibaruahdas.com – informative site about Rupali Baruah Das.

15.www.iipa.institute.org.in – for IIPA ( NGO )

16.www.bandhancity.com – for Northeast Assam’s First Matrimonial.

17.www.bandhancity.in – for North East Assam First Matrimonial.

18.www.dasandcolawfirm.com – for Any Law matter and any registration, tax and services. Always choose one of the North East Assam oldest Law Firm since 1932.

19. www.ice.institute.org.in – for Any Computer Software and Hardware Courses from Govt.of India and Govt. of Assam Awarded Intech Computer Education ( ICE ) Since 2000.

20. www.kefcareers.com – for Any kind of Scholarship and Career Related Courses.

21. www.gonew.in – for A to Z in Traveling and Unique Courses and Help in Getting New Courses.

22. www.lexnext.in – For A to Z in all you LAW related needs and solutions.

23. www.kefcareer.in – For A to Z in Career Related Courses.

so we have a    mission –  to educate the next generation 

                         vision – to make india a developed country by contributing in the field of education

5. Who has been your mentor to inspire you to choose this field?

ans5:- 1. My Mother and Partner of Our Organization  – Mrs. Rupali Baruah Das who started counselling in early 1990’s. 

           2. My Grandfather – late Radhika Ram Das – Former Education Minister of Assam and Freedom Fighter of India,Tamra Patra Awardee from Prime Minister of India, Principal of University law College and Dean of faculty of Law of Gauhati University, Guwahati.

           3. My Father – Late Kulendra Das – Former Assistant Conservator of Forest and a Class 1 gazzetted Officer of Assam Government and on his memory we have launced one of our firm  KEF – Kulendra Das Educational Foundation – where we will provide scholarships to meritorious and financially backward students with all feasible help from our end.

6. Why do you believe to be the chosen one for this category?

ans6:-  1. We are 30 years old in this field and as an organization – we are 20 years old.            2. My Mother North east india first lady career counsellor since 1990            3. In 20 years we never compromised with our quality education institutes ans our priority services.            4. We are recognized by top Colleges and institutions  for our quality services.            5. We are recognized by Govt. of India as well as Govt of Assam as we earlier participated in Govt training programs of PMKVY, District Municipality Training,District Industrial Training, Skjill India, NSDC, Donear Minsitry,etc.           6. We have a great chain of Alumni’s if you visit in our websites, you can get acknowledge.           7. We suggest mainly NAAC “A” GRADE institutions mostly.           8. we always believe growth is the only way to touch new endeavours and set goal for benchmark of success and due to which during this pandemic we still working like before and still going ahead.            9. beside this we ahd done seminars, events, education fair where top colleges like VIT, AMRITA VISWAPEETAM, SATYABAMA was organizsed for the very first time in Dibrugarh on 2018.          10. We were always first to take active role in the field of pioneer with aasured results and success without compromising with our quality thats why we are ISO 9001:2015 CERTIFIED Organization and also an MSME unit with National NGO registration from New Delhi to do welfare in education sector.

Thanking You.

Yours Faithfully

Manish Das

Advocate cum Supercounsellor

We Supercounsellors.com – North East India’s Upgrad’s Channel Partner cum First Career Counsellor powered by IIPA ( NGO ) for Upgrad since 25th May 2021 with Happy and Satisfied Students.
Mr. Manish Das and Mrs. Rupali Baruah Das

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Happy Environment Day
Pooja Gor – Bollywood Film Actress congratulating both Advocate Manish Das and Rupali Baruah Das
Flora Saini – Bollywood and South Movies Actress congratulating both Adv Manish Das & Rupali Baruah Das
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Advocate Manish Das – Supreme Court of India Speaker cum Resource Person

Rupali Baruah Das – North East India’s First Lady Career Counsellor
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University of California, Los Angeles, USA
Advocate Manish Das cleared Global Career Counsellor examination from University of California, Los Angeles, USA by scoring 100 out of 100 marks.
Yellow Belt in Six Sigma from Europe
Advocate Manish Das – Jounalist cum Reporter

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Mrs. Rupali Baruah Das

North East First Lady Career Counsellor since 1990.

Organized Edu Fair 2018 where top colleges like VIT, Satyabhama , Amruta Viswapreetam, Jis Group and Many Top Colleges participated in Dibrugarh.

She worked in many Rural and Urban Areas as Inspirational and Motivational force for Many Students.

Former School Teacher in Schools like :- 1. KV – Kendra Vidyalaya , 2.VKV – Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya , 3. Cottage School and 4.Salt Brook Academy at Dibrugarh since 1989 till 1999 – a great experience of 1 Decade i.e. 10 years.

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Manish Das and Rupali Baruah Das

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Radhika Ram Das – Freedom Fighter and Former Education Minister of Assam was Grandfather of Advocate Manish Das and Father-in-Law of Rupali Baruah Das
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Late Sushila Das – Grandmother of Advocate Manish Das and Mother-in-Law of Rupali Baruah Das
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Awarded in State Level Moot Court Competition at Jorhat Law College State Level Moot Court Competition
Advocate Manish Das with Gopal Rai of AAP on Desh ki Baat Foundation meet Debate on India’s Development
Advocate Manish Das, SuperCounsellor Rupali Baruah Das with Sister of Mother Teresa Society
In the loving memory of Late Mr Kulendra Das we had laid initiative of KEF – Kulendra Das Educational Foundation
IIPA Awarded by Indian Army
Advocate Manish Das and Rupali Baruah Das
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Advocate Manish Das ( Western Dance Awardee )and Rupali Baruah Das ( Classical Dance Awardee ) both are Jury in Dance Competitions
Green Belt from University of California Los Angeles, USA.
Advocate Manish Das LLB First Class from Dibrugarh University
Certified Trainer under Skill India
Certified by British Council
Certified Educational Psychologist from EA, London.
Certified in Covid -19 – Awareness and Management
Certified by FIT India
Certified by FIT India
Certified by CDA, USA and Mindler
Certified by CDA, USA and Mindler
Certified in Digital Health
Certified in Suraksha Store Trainning Program
Certified in 3D Printing, Design and Applications
Manish Das Certified in Digital Marketing
Certified in Career Analyst by Edumilestones , UK
Certified in Career Analyst from Edumilestones, UK
Certified in Data Analysis with R Programming
Certified by Mc Graw Hill
Certified in School Leadership Training Program
Certified in Blended Learning and Platform Skills
Advocate Manish Das a Human Rights Activist
Certified in Female Fitness Training
Certified in Special Population
Recognition and Honoured by O P Jindal University
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Advocate Manish Das Chief Guest in the Legal Aid Camp and also Key Resource Person in the Event.
Advocate Manish Das and Rupali Baruah Das honoured by GOC Sir and Indian Army for thier Cultural Activities.
Rupali Barauah Das felicitated with Visharad in Fine Arts.
North East India’s First IBSAT Coaching Centre Launched by ICFAI Alumni ADVOCATE MANISH DAS
IIPA Event for A to Z in Social, Cultural , Regional , Creative and Celebrity Management.
Advocate Manish Das led IIPA Fashion Model Team participating in National Level Fashion Show.
Lead Actor in the play Advocate Manish Das
Advocate Manish Das – Former Corporate Employee before becoming Lawyer having a total 14 years Experience in the Corporate Sector
Flood Relief Social Initiative by Manish Das
Advocate Manish Das
Member of Supreme Court Bar Association
Advocate Manish Das at Calcutta High Court, Kolkata
Advocate Manish Das
Head of Das & Co Law Firm Since1932
Advocate Manish Das
Life Member of Rajasthan High Court Jaipur Bench
Advocate Manish Das
Telengana High Court, Hyderabad
Advocate Manish Das First Advocate cum Member of International Council of Jurist, London, United Kingdom from Dibrugarh, Assam.
From Dibrugarh, Assam, India.
Advocate Manish Das Judge in National Moot Court Competition
Advocate Manish Das Judge in India’s First Virtual National Moot Court Competition by NEF Law College.
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Advocate Manish Das with Head of Japanese University
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Advocate Manish Das Certified in Graphology
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Supercounsellor Rupali Baruah Das

World Environment Day 2021 Plantation

Advocate Manish Das of Supreme Court of India

World Environment Day 2021 Plantation Drive

On the Eve of The World Environment Day 2021

In a Meeting cum Webinar on Environment Day

Articles Published on Rupali Baruah Das
Super Counsellor Rupali Baruah Das at PRESS MEET
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Advocate Manish Das with His Father Kulendra Das , Former AFS , Class I First Class Gazzetted Officer.
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